Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 Minutes to Tidiness

Notice: This post is for busy moms (and dads) only!
If you are childless, or have an obsessive/compulsively clean house, you will not want to be bored by this . But if you work, have kids that leave dirty clothes everywhere, have toys scattered thoughout the house, have to clean the kitchen just so you can make another mess...(you know who you are)...this will be of interest to you.

I recently did a post on time management, and vowed to make my days more productive. I can proudly report that I have made a few changes that have made life a little easier. The inspiration came from this "Chores" list I found on Pinterest.  I was intrigued by the thought of doing these tasks in 30 minutes. That's not long, right? I thought surely I could squeeze that into my day.

I should pause here and let you know that I love it when my house is clean, but I hate taking the time to do it. I've got other things I'd rather be doing. And it doesn't take long for the stuff to start piling up everywhere. Now, you wouldn't find my house on an episode of "Hoarders" (it's not that bad!). But I enjoy having everything in its place and looking picked up. So I decided to devote 30 short minutes every day to make it happen. This is my new routine every morning:
  • Set the timer on my stove for 30 minutes. Hey, I have to make it interesting. If I feel like I'm racing against the clock, I work a little faster.
  • In each bedroom, I make the bed and pick up anything that is laying around. I take a basket from room to room, putting in it anything that is out of place (toys, books, etc). Then I can take it back where it belongs.
  • I do the same in the living room.
  • I have also started cleaning up in the kitchen after supper every night (with the help of my oldest son), so it starts the day clean. Now each morning, I only have to put away anything that we got out at breakfast.
  • Next, I gather all the dirty clothes, take them to the laundry room, and sort them. If there's enough for a load of anything, I wash, dry, and fold them. I put away any clean and folded clothes from the previous day. I have always saved my laundry for the weekend, making it a monstrous task. Working on it on a daily basis has made a huge difference.
  • In the bathrooms, I just wipe down the surfaces with a Clorox wipe.
And that's it.  If I have time left, I will vacuum or sweep wherever it is needed, or finish folding a load of clothes. But when my 30 minute timer goes off, I stop. And, believe it or not, that is just enough time to make everything look cleaned up. Of course it's not cleaned, it's only picked up. I save the deeper cleaning for a Saturday morning. But just setting aside this short time every day keeps everything from getting out of hand.


  1. i don't have kids - but i like that timer thing - cos it works for me too...... :D

  2. Hi! Found you on bloggymoms...I am a mom to a teenager, toddler and my one son has apraxia...totally learning time management myself. I learned the timer thing from flylady...I do 15 minutes...don't have the attention span for Love the daily layout! I am following you, if you get a chance, check me out -Kim

  3. I need to start a plan like this....Or my house very well may be on hoarders very soon! The timer is a good idea.... I just get sidetracked so easily. I wish I could blame it on Stephanie... But alas it is all me.

    1. Connie, I had to do it or else Todd would have left me! LOL. I have to make amends for all the time I spend at the sewing machine :)

  4. Great idea! I love having a set time and rooms on different days, I particularly dislike washing down the baseboards. lol But I feel better when they are done.

    Thanks for the follow! :)

    1. I agree Jess, I hate actually doing it but enjoy it when it's done! I think I'll start doing these detailed things (like the baseboards) maybe twice a year. Hey, it's better than never, right?!

  5. I am soooo doing this! BRILLIANT! I love the take a basket room to room...I wonder if I have one big enough LOL.

    Thanks for the comment love!