Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Shoes?

My son is an addict.
Thankfully, it's not drugs or alcohol. It's shoes!

     Corey is 13 years old. His love of shoes dates back at least 3 years. I find that a little crazy, but maybe it's just a boy thing. His feet have grown by leaps and bounds over this time period, and it's been a constant battle just to keep him in shoes that fit. But it goes beyond that. His shoe-of-choice is, of course, the athletic kind.
     Having just received some Christmas money, the hunt for a new pair of shoes is on. When he decides he wants a new pair, he shops and studies until he finds what he wants. He persistantly asks to go shopping, which involves a trip out of town. Usually, he's not able to find what he wants in the store, so the online search is on. He spends hours looking, choosing, comparing prices. A couple of evenings ago, he had narrowed it down to two pairs that he liked, but couldn't decide. He was actually stressing over which shoes to get. After sleeping on it, and obsessing over it for one more day, he made his decision. Again, he peristantly asks me to make the online purchase for him. So now, he has a new pair of shoes on the way. The final step in the process will be him asking every day when they will arrive. I would expect this from a daughter, but my son? Not so much. It could be worse, and thankfully it's not.
     Here's my final thought on the subject. Have you ever used these?

They are called Sneaker Balls. Just place them in your shoes after you take them off. They have deodorizers in them, and smell wonderfully clean. Corey got several set of these for Christmas. And after setting up the picture of him and all his shoes, I can tell you they are very necessary for teenage boys!

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