Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sun's Up?

     I woke up Sunday morning to something unusual. Well, it's unusual for me anyway. The sun was up! I had to do the "what day is it" and "where am I" thing, and then looked at the clock to find it was 7:05am. Then I proclaimed out loud "The sun is up", as if it was a strange phenomenon. I did vaguely remember by alarm blaring out at 4:00am, my normal waking time. However, this day it must have been more of an annoyance than a call to rise, as I also vaguely remember turning it off.
     I have not always been an early riser. Oh, the SBK days (single-before kids)... I would sleep until noon, then lounge around with nothing to do in particular. I mean it didn't take long to clean up back then. And I didn't have to make sure anyone was fed. And I didn't have a huge pile of laundry staring me in the face. (Wow, what did I do with all that time?) For that matter, I didn't have that many interests to spur me to action. No, just some TV time and visits with my bestie. I actually couldn't imagine why anyone would want to get up early.
     I opened my Etsy shop in October 2010, right before the Christmas. Let me just say...if you are planning to start a retail business of any kind, right before the holidays is not the ideal time. And I make doll clothes (you know, that falls under the toys category). So needless to say, I was in over my head from the start. I was sewing every waking minute, and that wasn't enough. I needed more "waking minutes", and began waking up super early...4am.
     Well, I kind of liked it! It was quiet, and I didn't have anyone calling out "Mom" every two minutes. I had time to focus on my work, which I quite enjoy. And once the shopping season was over, I continued to get up early. I suppose it had become a habit by then. But I so loved my time alone that I didn't want to waste it. And I still do it today (well, with the exception of yesterday.)
     I love to open the blinds in my workroom (which faces the east) and experience the beautiful sunrises. Nothing makes me stop and take notice more than the dark tree branches against a brilliant orange sky. It is always a spiritual moment for me, one where I get to thank God for another day on this earth. The early mornings also give me quiet time to reflect on things. While I sew, I think about all kinds of things-my husband and kids, family and friends, my home and my work. I pray, and I plan. I imagine and dream. This is my favorite part of the day, "me" time!

     Now, I actually can't imagine why anyone would not want to get up early.


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  1. I know about that early morning quiet time... I don't get it very often now and rarely get to sleep in either.