Monday, February 20, 2012

Custom Cheerleader Outfits

I often have requests to make doll-sized replicas of girls' cheerleader outfits. If I have the time to work on them, I love the challenge! They are very time-consuming, but well worth it when the final product is a success.

I was recently asked to replicate this outfit for a group of little cheerleaders in Texas. The customer asked for 8 sets of them! She had been granted permission from the designer of the uniform to have these made, but we weren't allowed to duplicate the logo. The customer was going to add the "bling", as she put it, afterwards. At first glance, it didn't seem like there would be too much involved in reproducing this set. The design itself wasn't that difficult to create.  But once I got started with the sewing, I realized that I would need to change thread between the white and navy fabrics. And although this wasn't difficult, it did take a lot of extra time. But the results were definitely worth it:

These are some I've made that were more elaborate.  So cute--and fun to make! Hope you enjoy :)